GT158 Snake Pantyhose Scissor Domination


Goddess Thunder in shiny black leotard and beautiful snakeskin patterned pantyhose has a victim to practice her scissoring and smothering moves on. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights Goddess Thunder opponent is ready to try and prove his manliness. Big mistake! Goddess Thunder moves cobra like and his head is being squeezed by the pythons that are Goddess Thunder’spowerful 27 inch thighs. Killpussy confidently wraps his face in those snakeskin pantyhose tightening her grip until the reddening face means there is a quick release. Laughing Goddess Thunder is able to drive home the lesson that her power is supreme as again Goddess Thunder facesits on her victim. It is almost as though Goddess Thunder wants him to fight back so another thigh crushing move has him gasping and wriggling like the prey he has become.