GT154 Schoolgirl Bullies Double Feature GT105 and GT138


We proudly present a very special month of specially priced Killpussy double features, featuring some of Goddess Thunder’s favourite victims and play sessions!

This double feature includes the following clips

GT105 School Bully Ball Bashing HD

The two bullies arrive home with their latest plaything. He is so unsuspecting as they both drag him to the kitchen. It must have been so easy to entice him from school with their tight white blouses and short skirts. Thinking it was going to be a fun afternoon whilst the grown ups are away, well these two girl bullies will have their fun. Asked to come closer to hear a secret, a knee to the groin has him learning the secret, they love to bust boys balls. The powerful kicks have him struggling, doubling up as the bullies take turns to kick and knee those little balls into him. Held by his arms by bully Goddess Thunder, the second bully Pussy Willow removes his boy shorts. How humiliating, girly pink underwear, which of course deserves a punch in the testicles. After all with such an obvious target, what else can a bully do! Want to be smothered by a bullys breasts, fine. Just then he is raised bodily by the balls to ensure there’s no nonsense going on down there. Oh want a drink now, only from the spittle from the bullies mouths. Of course this goes on until they’ve thoroughly beaten their plaything down. Leaving, they wish him a goodbye until tomorrow when this will all be done again. The bullies have their kicking boy now and they won’t let him go.

GT138 School girl bullies with Ms Frank

In this roleplay clip, mean schoolgirl Goddess Thunder has her favourite schoolboy wimp Little Dave cornered up against a wall as usual, but today she has an extra double dose of humiliation in store for him as she brings her cruel mate Ms F Rank along for the ride in this Double Domination Femdom Humiliation and Beatdown clip. Little Dave quivers in fear as the skinny but strong and every schoolboy’s crush Ms F Rank saunters down the hall with a devilishly playful grin on her face. The two female bullies waste no time in digging into Dave with their sharp physical and verbal claws, ripping off his hat and spitting in it before making him wear it. The verbal humiliation comes hard and fast as the girls revel in beating his already tiny male ego to a pulp, while they take turns slapping, punching and kicking him, making him go down on all fours as they take turns stepping on his small hands. Little Dave’s balls receive quite the punishment as well as mean girl Goddess Thunder knees and kicks them, before tag teaming her cruel friend Ms F Rank in. The two school girl bullies take very genuine delight in this clip as they torment the increasingly pathetic Little Dave within an edge of his pathetic life, and you have to wonder if the poor little boy will ever be able to look anyone in the eye ever again.