GT150 PonyGirl Double Feature GT118 and GT088


We proudly present a very special month of specially priced Killpussy double features, featuring some of Goddess Thunder’s favourite victims and play sessions!

This double feature includes the following clips GT118 Goddess Thunder Rides her Sexy Pony Girl

Goddess Thunder has a treat in store for her eagerly loyal sub girl today - she's going to allow her to get on all fours and serve as her human ponygirl in this action packed Lesbian Ponyplay clip! Goddess Thunder's skinny little sub girl Frankie has long desired to bear the honour of her mistress' weight on her back, and she practically leaps for joy when Goddess informs her she'll be making her submissive dreams come true. She gallops over eagerly and kneels at her owner’s feet as Goddess Thunder dresses her with a bridle before leading her around the room and instructing her in the art of the trot, correcting her mistakes with a quick snap of the crop. She next instructs her to get on all fours and mounts her little sub girl full weight, Frankie's back bending beneath the weight of her owner as she is ridden around the room. This is clearly a difficult task for the little sub girl as she grunts and moans with every trot, and she is briefly offered some relief when her Goddess dismounts her to spank her pert behind with her crop. Her respite proves to be brief however, as Goddess Thunder mounts her skinny pony's back once again and rides her to exhaustion.

GT088 Riding my ponygirl (FULL)

Scrubbing floors on hands and knees,wearing only a tiny black lace bra and tiny black thong panties, the ponytailed female slave is hard at work. Goddess Thunder arrives to inspect the work. The thigh boots and red pantyhose with a black thong leotard and black corset wearing Goddess Thunder immediately climbs onto the slave girl’s back. Grabbing the female slaves ponytails, this now makes her a slave ponygirl.With Goddess Thunder astride the ponygirls back, some control is required. Goddess Thunder takes the large paddle from behind her back and the ball gag with chain reins. The quick spank on ponygirls rump then the ball gag in ponygirls mouth, Goddess Thunder is the dominatrix rider. Despite the ponygirls moans of pain, or pleasure, as Goddess Thunder tans those buttocks with the paddle, the ponygirl makes slow progress across the room. Goddess Thunder verbally humiliates the lazy ponygirl to move a little faster. Goddess Thunder is turning the ponygirls bottom a warming red colour in an attempt to trot! Goddess Thunder now brings the next part of her plan into view. A small pedestal on which Goddess Thunder has the ponygirl mount on all fours. Goddess Thunder climbs on to her back and begins to ride furiously with repeated beating with the paddle on the tender rump of the now loudly moaning ponygirl. The pleasure Goddess Thunder now enjoys riding and hearing the moaning and feeling the bucking body of the ponygirl underneath the Goddess might just be too erotic for both Dominatrix rider and pony.

Goddess Thunder has only had part of her pleasure. Left handcuffed and in her bridle ponygirl has now to suffer under Officer Goddess Thunder. The tight blue police top and black thong leotard with black sheer tights Officer Goddess Thunder wears are complemented by the riding crop Officer Goddess Thunder is carrying. Straddling her ponygirl Officer Goddess Thunder cracks the rump of her pony girl with the crop as they both buck in unison. Officer Goddess Thunder thigh boots rise above the red posterior of the pony girl. Standing behind her ponygirl, Officer Goddess Thunder administers some harsh cracks of the crop across the already reddened bottom. Count them and watch the ponygirl squirm at each one. After the effort of Officer Goddess Thunders crop use it is time for the top to be removed. Astride the submissive ponygirl Officer Goddess Thunder stands powerful in the black thong leotard worn under her shirt. Pulling on the ponygirls ball gag bridle Officer Goddess Thunder again rides her back. And ride they do as their pleasure at being ridden and rider is an explosive cacophony of sexual pleasure. Even as Officer Goddess Thunder is carried by her ponygirl across the floor.

Next Goddess Thunder is seated her 27 inch thighs resting on the ponygirls back. Wearing some electric blue leggings and black heeled assault boots. The paddle thwacking the ponygirls rump. View it close up and see the ponygirl in her down on all fours position take the spanking from Goddess Thunder. Directed to walk across the floor whilst Goddess Thunder sits on her back whilst paddling the ponygirl. The ponygirl takes the Goddess Thunder across the room. The tight electric blue leggings of Goddess Thunder squeeze the ponygirls sides. The ponygirl is now paddled even more by Goddess Thunder as the ecstatic pleasure sounds begin. This is an extremely hot clip of Goddess Thunder and riding the lingerie wearing ponygirl.