GT137 My little Pony Girl in training


There are few things Goddess Thunder loves more than riding her ponygirls to exhaustion, breaking their spirit beneath her.. and today she has a new sub girl in her stable. She literally wheels her new slave out into her dungeon in a cage on wheels and orders her to crawl out and to her Mistress’ feet. Goddess Thunder works her way deep into her submissive’s psychology as she toys with her verbally before putting her on a leash and beginning her training for her new life as Goddess Thunder’s pony. She teaches her slave to trot, leading her around the room on a leash, whipping her and pulling her reins back when she marches too fast. Once she feels her new pony has got to grips with the art of the trot, she orders her down on all floors where she’ll be spending most of her time from now on, She leads her around the room before heavily mounting her with her full weight. Goddess Thunder’s eyes gleam with a gleeful malice as she pulls the Ponygirls reigns back and rides her to climax!