GT136 Your cousin don't know where you are - Lift & Carry with Madame Vanquish


The action comes fast and heavy in this Double Domme/Lift & Carry Femdom Roleplay clip, as the twin sadists Madame Vanquish and Goddess Thunder carry their victim out of the elevator and into their lair. His cousin seems to have pissed off the two Goddesses, and he will pay the price as he is bullied, lifted and thrown around the room. Madame Vanquish lifts him into the air as Goddess Thunder lands heavy punches and slaps onto his behind, before the two mean Mistresses decide to take things further and pull out a dildo to shove into his ass. The action in this clip feels very real as both Goddesses take great relish in tormenting their victim, and using him as a demonstration dummy of their great strength, lifting him up into the air like a helpless ragdoll as he begs to be let go.