GT126 PoV Face sitting DOUBLE TROUBLE with Madame Vanquish

C4S Long

You are back for your weekly session of slave training with your Goddesses Madame Vanquish and Goddess Thunder and today you will be left breathless in this POV Femdom/Double Domination/FaceSitting clip. Your voluptuous owners Madame Vanquish and Goddess Thunder waste no time in teaching you your place in life, buried beneath their beautiful behinds, as Goddess Thunder introduces you to Madame Vanquish’s ass. Your face is very quickly and firmly smothered by her perfectly rounded ass as Goddess Thunder destroys what’s left of your ego with her psychologically sharp words, wrapping her ownership around the very centre of your psyche. Your mistress’ take turns having you worship and be smothered by their asses before they order you to lay down on the ground, face up as they heavily sit themselves down on your face. Not content that they’ve pushed you far enough, the two cruel Goddesses decide to double up your punishment by double facesitting you and they both lower their Goddessly butts down on your face. You will feel owned like never before as you submit your entire existence to the asses of your two Goddesses.