GT125 Banker Beatdown from deadly Goddess Thunder Part 1

Updated: May 27

C4S Long


Goddess Thunder has had enough of the bankers of the world stealing our money and is here to fight for our rights in this power packed Femdom Beatdown/Ballbusting clip! Clad in her crimefighting catsuit, Goddess Thunders chases Little Dave, the greedy banker, down a stairway and grabs him as he tries to make his feeble escape. Goddess Thunder looms over the tiny banker with her tall and shapely Amazonian figure as she pins the little man against the wall. She quickly turns a deaf ear to his pathetic pleas for mercy as she behind to powerfully pummel him, raining blow after Amazonian blow on Little Dave. The tiny man is very clearly in trouble as he gasps and keels over, only to be pulled back to his feet and pinned against the wall for more punishment. Goddess Thunder demands for her money, and if she can’t have it she will certainly get her money’s worth by beating the little banker within an inch of his greedy little life!