GT124 Balloonatic Ladies

C4S Long

Goddess Thunder and her maiden in mischief, Pussy Willow, have a blast in this colourful and uplifting Balloon Fetish/Balloon Play clip. Goddess Thunder prepares the scene by blowing up a variety of specialist balloons of all sizes and colours, deeply blowing into them making them bigger and bigger as she blows them up to size, before being joined by the curious Pussy Willow. Pussy Willow has never played with balloons before and Goddess Thunder introduces her to a whole new world of play as she rubs the balloons against her skin, eliciting a whole new world of sensation. The girls take turns rubbing the balloons all over each others’ bodies, eventually stripping down and sensually rubbing them against each other’s private parts. The two playful companions also engage in popping play, as they pop the balloons on each other, before Pussy Willow climbs onto a balloon in Goddess Thunders’ lap, bouncing on it until it pops! The deviantly playful energy of this clip is tantalising and contagious, and you will find yourself on the edge of your seat as the girls wrap their play session up by humping the balloons to an explosive orgasm.