GT121 Goddess Forcibly Rides her Ponyboy


C4S Long

If there’s one sport Goddess Thunder enjoys, it’s the thrill of riding a little ponygirl, or as in this case, a tiny ponyboy to absolute exhaustion. Goddess Thunder has decided to indulge her equestrian cravings today and has found herself a particularly small victim to train. As the clip opens we find Little Dave blindfolded in Goddess Thunder’s lair, unaware of the torturous fate about to befall him. Goddess Thunder dresses him in a bridle, and trains him in the art of the trot, leading him around the room and acquainting him with his new four legged role in life. After teaching the littlest Little Dave how to appropriately prance for her, she mounts him - his tiny back sinking beneath her Godly weight. His arms quiver but hold strong as he is whipped and commanded to carry his new owner around the room. Goddess Thunder looks majestic seated upon her new pony’s back as she rides him relentlessly around the room, pausing only to give him a well deserved whipping. There is a reason Goddess Thunder’s PonyPlay clips are so highly sought after and it is clear in this clip as she rides her pony with the self assured dominating control of a seasoned jockey into the very ground.