GT120 Goddess Thunders Damsel in Distress


C4S Long

Goddess Thunder has captured a damsel soon to be in distress and entrapped her in her lair in this Lesbian Bondage and Facesitting Domination clip. Miss F.Rank, one of Goddess Thunder’s most popular sub-girls with the fans, returns for this clip as her young, skinny and trembling form is effortlessly dominated and controlled by the strong, sadistic and superior Goddess Thunder. She strips her quivering little sub girl up down to her underwear, with Miss F.Rank seemingly paralysed with fear and unable to lift a finger in defiance, before artfully tying her up with rope. The little girl is used as a demonstration piece for Goddess Thunder’s masterful rope bondage skills here and she clearly savours the process, tying Miss F.Rank up like a skinny little present and laying her down before pulling a chair up to sit next to her as her little sub struggles and begs to be let go. After having savored enough of F.Rank’s torment, she pulls the chair aside and takes herself a seat right on her sub-girls face. Little Miss F.Rank struggles to breathe as Goodess Thunder then rides her face till she is satisfied.. for now.