GT118 Goddess Thunder rides her sexy pony girl


C4S Long. Goddess Thunder has a treat in store for her eagerly loyal sub girl today - she's going to allow her to get on all fours and serve as her human ponygirl in this action packed Lesbian Ponyplay clip! Goddess Thunder's skinny little sub girl Frankie has long desired to bear the honour of her mistress' weight on her back, and she practically leaps for joy when Goddess informs her she'll be making her submissive dreams come true. She gallops over eagerly and kneels at her owners feet as Goddess Thunder dresses her with a bridle before leading her around the room and instructing her in the art of the trot, correcting her mistakes with a quick snap of the crop. She next instructs her to get on all fours and mounts her little sub girl full weight, Frankie's back bending beneath the weight of her owner as she is ridden around the room. This is clearly a difficult task for the little sub girl as she grunts and moans with every trot, and she is briefly offered some relief when her Goddess dismounts her to spank her pert behind with her crop. Her respite proves to be brief however, as Goddess Thunder mounts her skinny pony's back once again and rides her to exhaustion.