GT114 Trampled under Goddess Thunder

Updated: Jan 11


C4S Long In Goddess Thunders dungeon lays a naked slave, face up on the floor, in front of Goddess Thunder, who is seated on the Goddess Throne. Goddess Thunder in black and green latex halter top, black latex split skirt and black pantyhose, then stands above the slave, ready to walk over it. And Goddess Thunder does walk over the stomach of the naked slave, putting the Goddesses full weight on each foot as Goddess Thunder steps across. The masked naked slave doesn’t even whimper as then Goddess Thunder stands on its stomach and chest. Goddess Thunder has a new carpet, a new doormat to trample now. Goddess Thunder then turns and practises a few squats on the supine slave. Pressing down with pantyhose covered feet, into the body of the slave. Sitting back on the Goddess dungeon throne, Goddess Thunder teases the slave with belly slaps with both feet and some foot worship too. It is obviously not paining the slave too much, which does not go unnoticed by Goddess Thunder. Goddess Thunder begins to stand again with the full weight on the slaves body, and as Goddesses do, decides to have a small dance. Pressing down and moving Goddesses glorious feet over the slaves abdomen and chest. Goddess Thunder has fun playing with the slave underneath the Goddesses powerful body. Wouldn’t you swap places with the slave. Could you take the Goddess on your body, after all what is Goddess Thunders weight? It would be as enjoyable as this slave and Goddess Thunder are having.