GT113 No shoes on the bed naughty girl

Updated: Jan 11


C4S Long Miss Zoe in black and gold corset top and corset with stockings and ¾ length black patent leather boots, is sprawled across the four poster bed, when Goddess Thunder arrives, fuming. Instantly angry, Goddess Thunder reminds Miss Zoe of the house rule, in no uncertain terms, NO SHOES ON THE BED! Goddess Thunder in black latex top and black latex panties with black pantyhose and black patent leather heels, pounces on Miss Zoe and forcibly removes the offending boots. Throwing them to the side, Goddess Thunder then removes the black patent heels, whilst chastising Miss Zoe about the ease of the rule. At this point, Goddess Thunder will have to punish Miss Zoe for the infringement. Climbing onto the bed, shoeless, Goddess Thunder has the scared Miss Zoe in between those twenty seven inch thighs almost instantly. Miss Zoe is now trapped, as Goddess Thunder has hands across Miss Zoes mouth, to quell the moans of displeasure. Miss Zoe is then squeezed and crushed bodily by Goddess Thunder. Each rolling across the luxurious bed, a latex squeaking beautiful ballet of legs and arms. Goddess Thunder placing a choke hold on Miss Zoe and continually reminding Miss Zoe of why the breath is being denied. As Goddess Thunder finds the perfect scissor position on the bed, with Miss Zoe between the thighs, both bodies supine on the quilt. With more neck choke holds, Goddess Thunder reminds Miss Zoe of the rules. NO SHOES ON THE BED!