GT112 Spanked and cained into submission

Updated: Jan 11


C4S Long Goddess Thunder in green and black latex halter neck waistcoat, a black latex midi length split latex skirt black pantyhose and heels, has a naked slave across the spanking bench. The slaves naked and exposed buttocks are all Goddess Thunders to play with as Goddess Thunder carefully places the leather straps across the slaves body and legs, thereby restraining the slave. Why? Because this is a spanking bench and Goddess Thunder has to ensure a good aim at that delicate bottom. Goddess Thunder begins with some not so gentle hand spanking. Requiring the slaves compliance by thanking for each reddening slap. A weak “Thank you” might not be enough as Goddess Thunder increases the power of each hand slap. The slaves now glowing cheeks are pleasurable for Goddess Thunder, so much so a new implement is now going to be used. Because the slave is securely strapped down, unable to move very much and certainly unable to run away, the long black cane can be used fully. Goddess Thunder likes caning, it’s a speciality. The crack of cane on flesh has the slave jump as best as it can. Goddess Thunder with each new stroke has two responses. One is a pained “Thank you Miss” from the slave, but better is the second as the red welts rise on the already warmed bottom. Each deep red mark Goddess Thunder canes into the slaves naked posterior, gains a smile of approval. Could you be in that slaves position? Would you dare to be Goddess Thunders spanked slave?