GT111 Never been Facesat until… NOW!

Updated: Jan 11


C4S Long This is a shiny latex festival with Goddess Thunder in black latex top and Taylor Noir latex panties with black pantyhose. Miss Zoe wears a black and gold corset top with a matching black and gold corset with black latex thong panties and black stockings. Both are sat on the edge of the elegant four poster bed, discussing Miss Zoe’s lack of submissiveness. To prove just how submissive Miss Zoe really is, Goddess Thunder pounces and Miss Zoe is soon under Goddess Thunder and being face sat and ridden. The muffled screams of Miss Zoe are nearly drowned out by Goddess Thunders powerful thrusting and orgasmic noises as latex presses on face. Goddess Thunder maneuvers Miss Zoe so that Goddess Thunder can face forward and Miss Zoe has the full crotch effect on that pretty but noisy face. See Goddess Thunders amazing rear squash into Miss Zoes expectant visage. Goddess Thunder riding to pleasurable ecstasy, those thighs and buttocks moving sensually over the prone Miss Zoe. This will demonstrate just how submissive Miss Zoe has become under the gorgeous latex covered body of Goddess Thunder.