GT110 PoV Long Legged Goddess Facesit sensation


C4S Long Goddess Thunder is sat on the leather couch, with six inch black patent leather heels and wearing a black leotard. Noticing you are down there on the floor, Goddess Thunder moves forward on the couch to give you a better view of those heels, those thighs and Goddess Thunder herself. But what are you looking at? Well you are ordered to worship. Are you willing to worship? As Goddess Thunder moves to present you with the most wonderful bottom you’ve ever seen, you better get close, closer. Goddess Thunders buttock needs you to kiss it. Go on kiss, keep kissing. Goddess Thunder has such a perfect bottom so get your face right in there. Enough of that. Goddess Thunder turns to face you and commands the right inner thigh to be kissed now. Come on kiss that too, worship that thigh. Goddess Thunder allows you the privilege of kissing between those powerful legs. Now the left inner thigh, come on do as you are told. After the kissing, Goddess Thunder stands up, so now towers above you. Feeling small under that Goddess aren’t you. Well Goddess Thunder now squats onto your face, your view is only of that exquisite crotch. It presses into your face now. Goddess Thunder has you squashed under that bottom. Goddess Thunder raises and lowers onto your face. Everytime deeper and harder. What a pleasure it must be to be under Goddess Thunder. Will you be a good facesitting slave and pleasure Goddess Thunder?