GT108 Male Bitch Boot and foot fetish dreams


C4S Long Goddess Thunder is sat on her throne in the dungeon. With a black and green latex waistcoat, latex dress, pantyhose is sheer black and thigh boots. At Goddess Thunders feet is a naked hooded male slave, henceforth called slave. Goddess Thunder chastises the slave before ordering the slave to worship the gorgeous thigh boots, from thigh to tip. The slave begins to lick Goddess Thunders boot at the tip, its tongue licking away the dirt and trying to perfect a shine. Goddess Thunder ensures that each part of each boot is correctly worshiped in a slow and methodical way. Goddess Thunder loves the feeling of slaves lips caressing each boot. Goddess Thunder has slave turn around to face away from its Goddess as those legs wrap around its body. But Goddess Thunder still demands that the heels, all six inches of them be sucked too. After Goddess Thunder is satisfied with the slaves boot worship, it is ordered to carefully remove the boots. Watch the slave under Goddess Thunders watchful eyes, slide the zip down each leg and slowly peel that Goddesses foot out of the boot. Goddess Thunder then allows the slave to lie down in front of the Goddess, to worship each foot. The black pantyhose covered foot is forced by Goddess Thunder, deep into the slaves mouth. Lips extended and tongue working around that Goddess foot.Standing up from the throne, Goddess Thunder has a better position to drive each foot further into the slaves gaping mouth. Noting that the Goddess see’s his obvious enjoyment at being gagged on the G

oddesses perfect feet. This is a boot and foot fetishist dream.To worship Goddess Thunder boots and feet whilst you are naked and masked.