GT107 Invasion of privacy

C4S Long Goddess Thunder is seated. Wet look black leggings and a black top on, whilst carefully applying lipstick. Writing in the Goddess Thunder diary about the imminent arrival of London. Soon London arrives and Goddess Thunder closes the diary and places it to one side, greeting London warmly. London in tight denim shorts, a black top and glasses, sits quietly next to Goddess Thunder. Excusing herself Goddess Thunder leaves the room, and London is now alone with the diary. Unfortunately London's curiosity gets the better of her and she begins to read the diary of the Goddess. Caught! Goddess Thunder returns to find London reading the private thoughts of the Goddess. Time for some punishment, Goddess Thunder cries and begins to smother London. With her face going redder, London has two powerful hands around her throat. Gasping for breath London slumps across Goddess Thunders lap and falls into sleep. Falling onto the floor, London’s limp body, still breathing gives Goddess Thunder an idea. Removing the tight denim shorts and black top London was wearing, to reveal a pair of purple thong panties, a purple lace bra and a black sheer basque. Goddess Thunder removes her top, revealing a black sheer lace body. London has not been finished with either. As London slowly regains consciousness, Goddess Thunder, looking even more powerful in the lace sheer black body and black wet look leggings, places a hand over London's mouth. The body of London falls across Goddess Thunders lap. Taking London carefully into sleep and back to being awake with smothering and throat holds, Goddess Thunder is now playing with London as a toy. Always ensuring that there is more breath to keep the toy struggling on top of Goddess Thunder.