GT104 Latex Ponygirl


C4S Long Goddess Thunder sits on her dungeon throne, those powerful legs clad in pantyhose and thigh high boots rest across the back of Miss Zoe Page. The shine from the green and black latex waistcoat and black latex panties on Goddess Thunder shimmer in unison with Miss Zoe Pages submissive stance, showing off her black and gold latex body and latex bridle with cute ears and a severe bit! There is more training from Goddess Thunder for the pony girl. And there is Goddess Thunders very nasty long crop to ensure compliance too. A few gentle taps by Goddess Thunder across the pony girls bottom as the training begins. Some dressage moves, orders Goddess Thunder as the pony girl raises each leg in an extended trot. Oh yes Goddess Thunder is liking this. Playing with the crop Goddess Thunder teases the pony girl, on her bottom, across her body. The pony girl is getting quite giddy. Goddess Thunder then wants a ride. On all fours ponygirl as Goddess Thunder sits astride you. A few taps with the crop and the bucking begins. Oh Goddess Thunder is getting immense pleasure from this ride. And the ponygirl seems to be too. Oh it’s such an orgasmic pleasure. Neither wants this ride to end.