GT102 Ponygirl gets a Treat


C4S Long Goddess Thunder sits on the foot of the four poster bed, the red sheets beneath her, the shiny latex top and pants with black pantyhose she wears, being admired by Miss Zoe Page, the female submissive at Goddess Thunders feet. Wearing a black and gold latex top and girdle with black stockings and knee high shiny boots, Miss Zoe Page looks up in awe at Goddess Thunder. At this point Goddess Thunder presents her submissive with a tissue wrapped present. Excited Miss Zoe Page opens it to reveal a cute latex bridle with attached ears and a black bit. Yes Goddess Thunder wants you to be a pony girl. Carefully placing the bridle over the submissive girl's head, the bit in her mouth and adjusting the fit, Goddess Thunder then takes up the attached reins. Giddy up pony girl, Goddess Thunder has control of her pony girl. Oh a few pony strides with the pony girl in hand. Oh yes Goddess Thunder likes this sexy pony. After a lovely demonstration of extended trot, Goddess Thunder wants a ride. Up on to the red velvet covered four poster bed go Goddess Thunder and the pony girl. With the ponygirl on all fours Goddess Thunder with the reins in one hand mounts astride the pony girls back. Oh this is a strong little pony as Goddess Thunder rides her with gusto. Oh yes the bucking pony girl has Goddess Thunder squeezing her sides and they both are enjoying the bedroom hack very much, very very much. Goddess Thunder sets the rhythm of an erotic trot on her pony girl. There must be several times both Goddess Thunder and the pony girl have explosive orgasms as the bucking and trotting come to a head. This will be one sweaty pony girl and Goddess Thunder when they go back to the stables.