GT098 POV Giantess Humiliation


C4S Long Goddess Thunder towers above you tiny man. Leather thigh boots direct your gaze skywards to Goddess Thunder. There in black leotard looking down at you. Aren’t you minuscule compared to the giantess Goddess Thunder rising above you magnificent and powerful. The sole of Goddess Thunders boot might crush your insignificant body in an instant. Look at the leather covered legs of Goddess Thunder, so tall above you. Goddess Thunder is many times your puny stature. Oh yes quick Goddess Thunder has a desire to squash you like an annoying insect under those boots. Or perhaps Goddess Thunder would just sit on you. The orbs of Goddess Thunders buttocks flattening you or worse. You are being played with as a cat plays with a mouse. How Goddess Thunder loves the prospect of you being a grease spot under those heels. Petrified all you can do is look in awe as Goddess Thunder lowers herself towards you. Would you climb up into Goddess Thunder? To be lost inside that vastness. Crawling in the crevices of a Goddess. Becoming a small wriggling male inside Goddess Thunder. Would Goddess Thunder even realise that minute body has entered. Goddess Thunder is taller than any skyscraper. There are no lifts to service Goddess Thunders body. Climb up before you’re sucked into the crotch of Goddess Thunder to disappear forever, trapped in the body you worship.