GT097 GT Lingerie Match Will Take Her Breath Away


C4S Long London sits quietly on the floor, dressed only in a purple strapless sheer body. There is a slight quivering look about her. Then Goddess Thunder sidles close to London and we understand why. Goddess Thunder wears a black sheer lace body, which only just covers her muscular frame. Goddess Thunders legs seem even longer as the thong of the body slides between her buttocks. London is soon held by Goddess Thunder in a scissors, her neck held by Goddess Thunder in one arm by a choke hold and the other arm has the hand across London's mouth and nose. Struggling either for air or just to escape Goddess Thunders clutches, it is a lost cause. Goddess Thunder has London overpowered from the outset. Each twist by London is met with an even tighter squeeze from Goddess Thunders legs or a choke hold with no means of escape. The lingerie is stretched and taut on both London as she fights against the power of Goddess Thunder. Goddess Thunders black sheer lace body only barely there, covers the minimum parts. Goddess Thunder lithely over London. The swish of lace can be heard on each move above the moans of London trying to wrestle her way from Goddess Thunders overwhelming grip. Goddess Thunder has London pressed into the floor. The indignity of Goddess Thunder then breast smothering London. No air for London yet, as Goddess Thunders hand covers her face. Then a small respite as London vainly attempts a scissor move on the laughing Goddess Thunder. Weakened by lack of oxygen London is soon again being smothered and choked by Goddess Thunder. The body of London becomes limp as the rag doll treatment by Goddess Thunder eventually takes its toll. Goddess Thunder has a kiss on the lips and cheek for the limp London in her arms. Submission is complete.