GT095 Officer Thunder Rides Her PonyGirl


This clip is a genuine must have for Ponygirl enthusiasts, as Officer Thunder is home after a long day at work and can't wait to ride her brand spanking new ponybitch! Her skinny blonde ponytailed slave girl waits obediently.. handcuffed, ballgagged with bridle in place, and on all fours right where her Goddess left her. Officer Thunder wastes no time and climbs across her ponygirls skinny back as it bends beneath Goddess' comparative weight. She tells her slave girl that she is going to ride her all day as she cracks her crop against the ponygirl's already reddened bottom. It is noteworthy that this poor girl remains perched on a raised platform, ensuring that all of Goddess' weight falls squarely on her tiny back, before she is led to the floor and made to repeatedly crawl between Officer Thunders' legs. The slave girl’s expressive face betrays every moment of her painful humiliation as she is spanked, made to trot around and wiggle her ass, and wait on all fours as Goddess leaps onto her back making her crash to the floor. Officer Thunder then proceeds to ride her ponybitch around the room on all fours, with her full weight bearing down on her tiny frame until Goddess brings herself to a Thunderous orgasm!