GT094 Pantyhose Slither


C4S Long Laid on the bed Pussy Willow in sheer pantyhose, a maroon and black lace bra and matching thong, resting, unaware of the powerful Goddess Thunder about to slither across the bed. Goddess Thunder has sheer pantyhose covering those sensational legs with an electric blue lace bra and matching tiny electric blue thong. Goddess Thunder climbs over Pussy Willow, their legs intertwine with Goddess Thunders wrapping around Pussy Willows midriff, ready to squeeze tightly. For the moment Goddess Thunder has Pussy Willow in her grasp, kissing and licking Pussy Willows face, neck and shoulders. The erotic moves of Goddess Thunder sending shivers of anticipation down both bodies. Goddess Thunder and Pussy Willow are as one, whilst Goddess Thunder gently wraps her hands around Pussy Willows throat and plants kisses on her face as the other hand covers Pussy Willows lips and mouth. Writhing in both ecstasy and trepidation, Pussy Willows struggles make Goddess Thunder more turned on. Goddess Thunder uses her legs to squeeze slowly the moaning Pussy Willow. Are these moans of pleasure or pain or both? Pantyhose covered legs slide across each other Goddess Thunders over the top of a subdued Pussy Willow. Closer now to see the scared look on Pussy Willows face as Goddess Thunder carefully restricts any resistance with a hand on the pale throat. Fondling Pussy Willow's body, breasts and those sheer pantyhose covered legs, Goddess Thunder is playing with a supine Pussy Willow. Moans of pleasure from both as Pussy Willow succumbs to Goddess Thunders erotic advances.

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