GT093 POV GT Barefoot High Heel Worship


C4S Long Oh there you are. Goddess Thunder has been waiting for you to arrive. On the leather sofa Goddess Thunder in very sheer black lace petticoat and some very sexy patent leather six inch heels has your full attention. Teasing by having the heels forced into your face,Goddess Thunder knows that you’re a lover of feet. Goddess Thunder has you on the floor looking up toward Goddesses beautiful powerful body as it moves on the black leather of the sofa. However, Goddess Thunder wants foot worship, to have a foot slave. Are you mesmerised by those heels, do you want to stick out that pathetic tongue to lick them. Goddess Thunder has seen your desires. To be under Goddess Thunders gorgeous feet. To be the best foot slave. Goddess Thunder sensually removes the black patent leather heels exposing naked pedicure feet. Are you overcome with the need to have those red painted toes in your face. Get closer to the screen. Imagine Goddess Thunder there forcing you to breathe in those aroma’s. The whole instep is now in need of worship. Goddess Thunder orders you to press your face right into the soft skin. The sublime pleasure of being the foot slave of Goddess Thunder. The place you want to be, under a Goddess.