GT089 Goddess Thunder gets Close Up Hand Smother


C4S Long Poor man slave under the powerful Goddess Thunder. The black thong leotard and black sheer pantyhose of Goddess Thunder tower above him. Already to pounce and cover his face with perfectly manicured hands. He is prostrated on the floor unable to resist the attentions of Goddess Thunders powerful form as those hands prevent breathing crushing his face to a reddened desperate form. Goddess Thunder is not just using hands either. The perfume of Goddess Thunders armpit is now all he can experience as the world goes blank for him. The skill of a Goddess though keeps him conscious enough though unable to fight back. Slowly Goddess Thunder places a strong choke hold on him. Noting the tiny signs Goddess Thunder releases the hold moments before sleep would overtake him. A swift manouver and Goddess Thunder is pressing her muscular body in a face sit which squashes him into the floor. Oh you so want to be in his place so wish it was you, don’t you. To be the breath toy of Goddess Thunder.