GT085 PoV GT New Rules Wedding Night Domination


C4S Long In baby blue lace slip white lace hold up stockings, white lace halter bra top and electric blue lace thong, Goddess Thunder is laid across the couch. Goddess Thunder is so excited about the wedding night special times. But there is a twist.You must realise Goddess Thunder has to have rules, Goddess rules, to this marriage. Goddess Thunder describes how the new husband, you, are now a sex slave. Goddess Thunder now has ownership of you. You must obey every command of Goddess Thunder. Goddess Thunder loves the power of her femininity, with you beneath her , worshipping those legs, feet and more and most importantly Goddess Thunders bottom. Oh yes, Goddess Thunder explains, you are to be the licker of her body. Every part of Goddess Thunder has to be subjected to worship. So you, get in there now and work that tongue, those lips. Get up close, closer, come on. There is Goddess Thunder, your dominatrix wife, using you on your wedding night, and every night ever after. The perfect marriage.