GT084 (SV00103) Up Close Hand and Foot Smother


C4S Long In red lace boy short body Goddess Thunder faces her male opponent. Within seconds Goddess Thunder has her struggling male in a smothering choke hold, his face squashed into Goddess Thunders left armpit. A quick twist and Goddess Thunder has him pinned on his back, Goddess Thunder hands still covering his nose and mouth. But there is worse to come. Goddess Thunder moves forward to breast smother him. Crushed beneath the powerful Goddess Thunder and trying to breathe in that cleavage, he snuffles out simpering moans. Goddess Thunder has him in a schoolgirl pin but then makes him worship those gorgeous feet. However, Goddess Thunder hasn’t finished yet. Goddess Thunder has 27 inch thighs now wrapped around him in a choke hold. That Goddess Thunder bottom so close to his face but unable to move or breathe. Going red in the face, he is released by Goddess Thunder only to be turned on his front to have his neck between Goddess Thunders feet. Moved to a better position, Goddess Thunder now has the perfect foot worshiping . Tongue and mouth carefully licking each toe on the instep. Totally humiliated, beaten and the foot slave of Goddess Thunder.