GT083 PoV GT Face Sit Leather Boot Domination


C4S Long A booted foot, heel in your face. Beginning of Goddess Thunder humiliation of you.The leather thigh boots are in your face, Goddess Thunder wears a black semi-sheer halter necked body but has some choice words for you down there.. Verbally humiliating you as you view Goddess Thunders leather clad thighs and how pitiful you are grovelling at Goddess Thunders feet. Goddess Thunder has plans for you with those boots. Goddess Thunder teases you, flaunts that powerful body, those thighs,that round sexy bottom. Your place in the world is as a boot and arse licking slave. Go on and lick Goddess Thunders beautiful buttocks. You know you are desperate to lick in there, tongue out. There is only one powerful female dominatrix whose derriere is your dream, Goddess Thunder. Yes let Goddess Thunder squash your face under her, forever.