GT020 Dirty Cop Killpussy facesit smother arrest

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


A dirty cop (Killpussy) has captured a criminal (Scorpion), trapping her in a hammerlock slamming her into the wall. She questions here and does not believe the excuses offered. The powerful cop wrestles her to the floor, pinning her to the mats.

Cop Killpussy knows how to extract a confession and positions herself over Cat Burglar Scorpion’s confession as she smother her in a reverse facesit. Time and again the amazonian policewoman traps the criminal beneath her, and although Scorpion manages some offence returning the smothering favour with some hand smothers, Killpussy always manages to find her way back to sitting on Scorpion’s face.

Finally there is no escape from the long arm of the law as the criminal is lead away to her fate.

Killpussy wears a cop blouse and black latex pants. Scorpion wears a black lycra catsuit.