GT0099 Petite Girl in Pantyhose Enclosure match Submits to Goddess Thunder Part 1


C4S Long With a pink full slip the tiny girl walks into view. Turning slowly the slip is discarded, to reveal the tiny girl in pale pink lace bra and thong panties. Then covered in a pantyhose bodystocking in a warm tan. Stretching to relax those tiny girl muscles and tendons, you see her petite beauty. Goddess Thunder sidles into the scene. Wearing a black bodystocking pantyhose and only a small black thong, Goddess Thunder exudes grace with her feline movements towards the tiny girl. Goddess Thunder wraps those legs around the tiny girl. Squeezing to prevent any movement away from Goddess Thunder. An arm wraps around the throat of the tiny girl as Goddess Thunder puts a choke hold onto herEach sinuous move by Goddess Thunder is so subtle but so strong that no girl would be able to break free or want to. And there is no escape for the tiny girl. As a limp body in Goddess Thunders grip kissed on the cheek and lips, in slumber overcome with the power of a Goddess.