GT0092 Take Your Breath Away


C4S Long Goddess Thunder in black leotard and black pantyhose greets her latest slave. Oh dear so quickly Goddess Thunder has this male, on the mats with those powerful arms around his neck in a choke hold. Which Goddess Thunder changes into a schoolgirl pin. There is no escape from the hold as thighs twenty seven inches around, press him into the mats. Goddess Thunder does wonder if he likes the view with such sheer black pantyhose right in his face. In fact Goddess Thunder makes it even more intense by facesitting him. Oh yes breathe in those perfumed aromas. Not content with allowing such easy holds, Goddess Thunder soon has the slave in another choke hold, hands across his face, legs squeezing his chest. Slowly moving up into scissors across the throat. Crushing his face with thighs of steel. Wondering if he can escape but Goddess Thunder won’t allow that to happen as those perfect butt cheeks cover his face completely. Watch as Goddess Thunder has him squashed and suffering under those buttocks. Goddess Thunder controls his breathing with those amazingly strong glutes. No matter the apparent size of the male, Goddess Thunder has him gasping for air, desperate for the chance to be free from the facesitting. Even though this is also pleasurable. Goddess Thunder doesn’t want anything but worship from the prone figure underneath her. Would you survive this torment?