GT0090 POV Leather Lady of Beat Down Doom


C4S Long Goddess Thunder is waiting for you on the stairs. The studded leather biker jacket leather mini skirt and six inch patent leather heels ready for you to take some punishment. Goddess Thunder hair slicked back into two small ponytails, the jacket open exposing the black top underneath. But best keep your eyes ahead little man as Goddess Thunder towers above you on the stairs. Stepping too close a sharp pointed heel flashes in front of your face. Those powerful legs can kick high too. Like a chorus girl the high kicks send you reeling. Goddess Thunder has you where she wants you, so overwhelmed with the leather Goddess in front of you forgetting the Goddesses deadly intent. There is no match, no counter to those flying kicks. No response you can speak whilst Goddess Thunder humiliates you in the open stairwell. Those words echoing around your bludgeoned head and body. Goddess Thunders aim is true as the stiletto heels puncture your face and ego. A few well placed jabs, left right to the face and body from Goddess Thunder have you rolling like a drunken fool, drunk from 100% proof Goddess pounding. The will to stand up is draining from you and Goddess Thunder has you trying to submit but this is a one sided brawl and you will lose purely and simply because Goddess Thunder is a supreme lethal fighter capable of crushing little men like you under those heels.