GT0088 Riding My PonyGirl


C4S Long Scrubbing floors on hands and knees,wearing only a tiny black lace bra and tiny black thong panties, the ponytailed female slave is hard at work. Goddess Thunder arrives to inspect the work. The thigh boots and red pantyhose with a black thong leotard and black corset wearing Goddess Thunder immediately climbs onto the slave girl’s back. Grabbing the female slaves ponytails, this now makes her a slave ponygirl.With Goddess Thunder astride the ponygirls back, some control is required. Goddess Thunder takes the large paddle from behind her back and the ball gag with chain reins. The quick spank on ponygirls rump then the ball gag in ponygirls mouth, Goddess Thunder is the dominatrix rider. Despite the ponygirls moans of pain, or pleasure, as Goddess Thunder tans those buttocks with the paddle, the ponygirl makes slow progress across the room. Goddess Thunder verbally abuses the lazy ponygirl to move a little faster. Goddess Thunder is turning the ponygirls bottom a warming red colour in an attempt to trot! Goddess Thunder now brings the next part of her plan into view. A small pedestal on which Goddess Thunder has the ponygirl mount on all fours. Goddess Thunder climbs on to her back and begins to ride furiously with repeated beating with the paddle on the tender rump of the now loudly moaning ponygirl. The pleasure Goddess Thunder now enjoys riding and hearing the moaning and feeling the bucking body of the ponygirl underneath the Goddess might just be too erotic for both Dominatrix rider and pony.