GT003 Goddess Thunder foot domination Don't piss her off

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Goddess Thunder has been patiently sat on her bed waiting for her partner to come home, all she wants is a nice foot rub and massage after her long day. He arrives home shortly after but has also had a long day at work and isn’t in the mood to provide any sort of comfort for her aching feet. Big mistake!

Goddess Thunder stands towering over him and lets him know in no uncertain terms that she’s sick of hearing his excuses and she puts him in a headlock, and woman-handles him onto the bed wrapping her long powerful legs around him and placing her hands over his mouth.

Goddess Thunder subdues him easily, and one way or another she is going to get her feet rubbed even if it’s by force and involving using them to smother him with. He is punished in a variety of feet and hand smothers and chokes, the message is sent in no uncertain terms that when Goddess Thunder asks for a footrub she will get it without any excuses!

Goddess Thunder wears pink lace lingerie with black panties, sheer black stockings and stilettos. The stilettos come off partway through.